This is the home of the Lorien operating system, a dynamic-to-the-core OS built on a dynamic component model using GNU C. The Lorien architecture is applicable to computer systems in general but we currently target embedded Wireless Sensor Network hardware such as the Tmote Sky / TelosB.

Lorien is all about strong separation between software components. Rather than simply building abstraction layers Lorien is fundamentally built to evolve. Instead of employing a traditional kernal therefore Lorien is built on a meta-core that simply offers a generalised assembly language of online software construction / reconstruction; using this capability every single part of a Lorien software system can change online at runtime. There exists no special "system" software, no fixed part of an image, no "kernel API"; instead a uniform system building model underpins entire software systems. This even applies to the meta-core itself which is uniformly constructed from online-replaceable components.

Under this model you can send everything from applications, protocols, hardware drivers, dynamic loaders, even schedulers, and any other part of software over-the-air cheaply to sensor nodes and see them seamlessly integrated into running systems without service interruptions.

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